Latin American network for inclusive market systems development

Notes from international conference Feb 2017

Published by
BEAM Exchange

On 26 and 27 January a regional meeting for the creation of the Latin American Network for Market Systems Development was held at the Andean office of the ILO in Lima. The event was organised by ASOCAM, BEAM Exchange and Swisscontact, with the collaboration of the ILO.

60 participants from 35 organisations (from government, academia, business, international and national NGOs, research institutes and bi- and multi-lateral organisations) from 11 countries expressed their interest in being part of this regional effort, which aims to drive a transformative change towards more and better use of the inclusive market systems approach in economic development programmes in Latin America and the Caribbean. The participants discussed the principles of the market systems development (MSD) and their experiences of applying market systems approaches in the region.