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Engendering Utilities
Engendering Utilities

This framework provides workplaces, particularly those in male-dominated industries, with global best practices and practical resources to identify gaps, define objectives, and establish a road map for sustained progress in integrating gender equity throughout their operations and corporate structures.

The framework is divided into twelve categories, eight of which are phases of an employee life cycle, and four which represents organisational enablers for gender equity. Within each phase, multiple best practices are outlined that are derived from an extensive literature review of global resources and complemented by lessons learned from USAID’s Engendering Utilities program. 

Workplaces can use this framework to:

  • identify gender equality gaps
  • set gender equality goals and priorities
  • benchmark their progress
  • establish longer term plans for sustained progress on gender equality.

This framework may also be used to apply best practices that respects that neither women, or men, are a homogenous group, and other social identities such as race, ethnicity, age and ability add to the diversity of workforces and must be considered.