Video introduction to market systems development

What does market systems development mean?

What does business and private enterprise have to do with reducing poverty? And how does this compare with more conventional aid?

Using a practical example, this short video animation (4 minutes) explains the market systems approach: creating widespread and lasting improvements in access to income, jobs, services and products for people living in poverty.


  • Possible translation of this video in spanish ?

    Hi All, would it be possible to include Spanish subtitles at this interesting video of "introduction to inclusive market system development" ?

    Paul Kester
    Managua, Nicaragua
    Plan International /YEE

    Paul Kester (2 months, 1 week ago)
  • Hi Paul, hi all,

    the video will be translated into Spanish and French. Translation work is on-going, but publication date is not yet fixed. We will keep you updated!

    Best regards,
    Annick Vollmar

    Annick Vollmar (2 months ago)
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