About the BEAM Exchange

BEAM Exchange is a one-stop shop for sharing knowledge and learning about how market systems approaches can be used to reduce poverty. Our goal is to improve the impact and effectiveness of programmes that use these approaches: creating jobs, raising incomes and improving access to basic services – sustainably and at scale. 

The BEAM community

BEAM stands for Building Effective and Accessible Markets. Through our website, social media networks, workshops and events, we aim to support development practitioners that work with business – helping them to fight poverty by making markets work better for poor people. 

Our aim is to tap into the strength of the growing market systems community – a global network of policy decision-makers, programme advisors, consultants and implementers – who share their professional knowledge and experiences with each other. 

If you want to know more about using a market systems approach, BEAM can help. Learn from, and connect with your peers, and share your own knowledge. Discover how they did it, what works, and the pitfalls to avoid.

Is BEAM relevant to my programme?

BEAM was created to help practitioners use market systems approaches more effectively across a wide range of poverty-reduction fields. 

Programmes have most frequently used this approach in the exchange of goods and services; especially for the poor as producers or employees, such as upgrading agricultural value-chains. But they are increasingly applying market systems approaches to improve the delivery of basic services too. 

BEAM aims to reach out to sectors where market-oriented strategies are still new and emerging (such as health, education, sanitation and energy services), as well as the more established sectors of agriculture and financial services.

How will BEAM help me?

Around the globe, many different development agencies, working in diverse contexts, are using market systems approaches. For a new practitioner, it can be hard to access and interpret useful and reliable information.

BEAM also aims to simplify this research process by providing access to an expertly curated directory of practical guidance in addition to a visual evidence map.

Our goal is to cut through the industry jargon and offer straightforward advice on how to successfully implement a market systems approach. Whether you're looking to design, implement or evaluate a project, you will find helpful tools and the latest thinking on good practice.

BEAM will not promote a single methodology or toolkit, but highlight broadly supported principles and characteristics which are common to most approaches.  

What matters to us is that we can help you make an informed choice when you need to – and give you the evidence to support your decisions.

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