Nov. 10, 2021

Launching now: new crowd-sourced MSD tool stocktaking

Seeking MSD tools for a new open-access library for the market systems community

Ever gone searching for a tool to help you with a specific MSD issue like a partner assessment tool for gender inclusion? Have you developed a great tool for measuring systemic change that you think would be helpful to others?  Ever wish all these tools were in one curated, centralised, public repository?  Well, with your help, they soon will be.

The market systems development (MSD) community has many useful tools to support implementation, but finding the right tool can be challenging or can be limited to those 'in-the-know'. MSD is ever evolving and developing and there are gaps where it would be great to have a tool, but none currently exist (to our knowledge).

In response, the Feed the Future Market Systems and Partnerships (MSP) Activity, in collaboration with The BEAM Exchange, is launching a stocktaking of market systems development tools to develop a curated, centralised open-access web-based MSD tool library to be hosted by BEAM. This effort will also solicit tool gaps from the MSD stakeholder community to be filled through later collaborative efforts.

MSP and BEAM are calling on the MSD community to submit existing tools that serve a specific practical function in applying the MSD approach. They could be tools that are widely known and used, or newer tools that have great utility but not yet great uptake. The tools will be curated with input from the MSD community and classified with technical 'tags' for easy searching. 

We also need your help to identify critical gaps in the suite of existing MSD tools that will inform future industry development. The tool library will be launched in 2022, and will be hosted, maintained, and kept up to date by The BEAM Exchange to ensure ongoing support and engagement of the MSD community.

Why is this initiative important to the MSD community? 

This initiative will increase adoption of good practice in MSD by providing those new to the approach with an accessible, navigable set of curated tools, while at the same time offering a consolidated resource for seasoned MSD practitioners and systems thinkers. 

The benefits of a centralised tool library include:

  • Easy access for MSD practitioners at all levels of expertise
  • Quick problem-solving using tags crowd-sourced from those submitting tools
  • Regular updates with the latest innovations

Why should I share my MSD tools?

You will be contributing to the increased adoption and good practice in applying systems thinking to market-driven development solutions, ultimately leading to more sustainable impact at scale. 

You will have the opportunity, as an individual or an institution, to influence good practice and the evolution of MSD, and to shape the initial characteristics and content of the tool library. This includes proposing the most useful tool categorisations and tags. 

All tools included in the library will be fully credited to the authoring organisation or individual and maintain their original marking and branding, allowing contributors to demonstrate their MSD expertise. Contact information will also be shared alongside each tool (with permission) to provide an opportunity for tool developers to engage with practitioners that have applied or adapted their tools, thereby contributing to tool iteration and improvement

How do I submit tools?

If you have questions or would like to discuss tools, you can:

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