Cash strapped? A learning discussion on Market-Based Programming in liquidity crises

Nov. 9, 2021
The SEEP Network

In the wake of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, the country is facing a liquidity crisis that threatens the entire economy and directly impacts aid
programmes, including those based on markets. Liquidity challenges for markets in crisis are not new (see Syria, Lebanon,
Zimbabwe, Myanmar, Libya, Ukraine etc.) Understanding liquidity trends over time and adapting programmes requires agile and contextual
problem-solving. Yet, local solutions can run into compliance and regulation blockages for many aid programmes.

The Markets in Crises Community of Practice (MiC) and the Global Food Security Cluster (gFSC) Cash and Market Working Group are co-hosting a
discussion to showcase studies and encourage problem -solving around this complex issue. With insights from the Afghanistan, Syria and Zimbabwe contexts on ways to address liquidity challenges as well as donor perspectives, we aim to reflect, learn and find solutions together.