A market systems development approach to the climate-agriculture nexus

June 12, 2023

Sharing lessons learned by NIRAS and Agora Global

MSD approaches to development interventions have been widely adopted within the agriculture sector. As the climate crisis continues to put pressure on agricultural systems globally, there is continued interest in how MSD approaches can be used in climate programmes.

This webinar will draw on examples from the NIRAS portfolio and wider expertise of the panel of speakers from NIRAS and Agora Global to explore how MSD programmes can facilitate climate action in agriculture and the value and mechanisms of climate interventions adopting an MSD approach.

It will highlight examples and lessons learned from the FCDO Commercial Agriculture for Smallholders and Agribusiness (CASA) Programme, implemented by NIRAS in Nepal, Malawi, Ethiopia, and Rwanda since 2019. 

Additional Information:


  • William Leonard, CASA Deputy Team Leader
  • Kristina Mastroianni, CASA Programme Director and NIRAS Agriculture Sector Lead
  • Ben Taylor, CEO, Agora Global
  • Moderator: Jack Covey, Assistant CASA Programme Manager