Inclusive Markets Institute
Why is it that so many people in the world do not have a decent livelihood so they end up living in abject poverty? The labor and commodity markets where vulnerable populations participate as suppliers and consumers are complex. Given this complexity, well-prepared market development professionals need the skills to problem solve and continually adapt on their feet in dynamic contexts. That is where I come in. I have been supporting international development professionals working in the area of market development for a few decades. Essentially I am an educator who demystifies economic concepts so that anyone can understand them – whether they are senior managers, project managers or extension workers with limited education. Using participatory techniques in face to face environs and stories and examples in online virtual exchanges through coaching and advising, I inspire people to be curious, respond to feedback from economic actors and adapt and innovate so that systemic change can be facilitated in markets that are excluding the poor. And when I am not doing this, I am out hiking in the woods or by the sea or anywhere where nature is when I have free time. Check out my personal web page at