Contribute your evidence

The remit of BEAM Exchange is to share knowledge and learning about how market systems approaches can be used to reduce poverty and improve the impact and effectiveness of programmes that use them.

Evidence core

A key element of this goal is building the evidence base for market systems approaches. To date, BEAM has produced an Evidence Map.

Reaching out to the BEAM community 

However we believe there is more evidence out there, not easily accessible by search, which is why we are asking you, the BEAM community, to help us make this evidence base as comprehensive as possible. This will help us make the evidence base more useful, as a larger number of documents will help define what works and what does not.

Please send your evidence to and we will contact you about the next steps.

How do we define evidence?

Documents need to contain measured or compiled results from a programme adopting a market systems approach.

These might include:

  • Final project reports
  • Reports on project survey findings (but not baseline reports)
  • Case studies.

We also encourage you to submit documents with results from market systems approaches applied in diverse sectors such as health, mining, and education.

Other criteria

We would be grateful if you could: 

  • Ensure the document has been written in English, and publication on BEAM has been approved by the copyright owner
  • Check that the document contains a clear description of the methodology that was used to collect and analyse the (primary or secondary) data presented
  • Confirm that the methodology applies good measurement practices (e.g. DCED Standard, or other widely accepted good practices in data collection and analysis)
  • We prefer documents that include a description of the limitations of its data sources, methods and conclusions (this criteria is ideal, but not essential).

Please avoid submitting these types of documents:

  • Documents providing guidance on applying market systems approaches principles/techniques
  • Documents that are about private sector development projects which do not specifically apply a market systems approach
  • Annual reports or annual reviews, unless the document is very clear on the methodology used to collect and analyse the data
  • (Pre-project) market analysis reports. 

Thank you in advance for your support!