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The enabling environment for animal source food market system success

Assessing factors that support competitive, inclusive, resilient, nutrition-sensitive systems

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USAID Feed the Future Enabling Environment for Food Security

An analytical guidance document from the Feed the Future Enabling Environment for Food Security (EEFS) project. It examines the factors in the enabling environment that shape successful outcomes in animal source food (ASF) market systems.

EEFS developed the resource to aid donors’, implementing partners’ and policymakers’ understanding of these factors and support decision-making regarding what investments in ASF market systems are expected to have positive impacts.

The guidance document is structured in three parts:

  1. Supply-side factors - those that enable or impede the production of ASF
  2. Marketing factors - those that affect consumer demand and the ability of producers to reach their end market destination safely and efficiently
  3. Financial services factors – those that enable system-wide uptake of improved technologies and practices by reducing risks and increasing liquidity.