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Growth and access to services
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Improved access to information
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Improved marketing of products

PMDP stimulates a more competitive Palestinian private sector by encouraging companies to grow and export, tackling systemic market constraints and fostering an improved trade and investment environment.

While PMDP works with businesses across sectors, its Market Systems Development component focuses on IT services, agriculture and tourism.

Through a combination of technical facilitation, results-based grants and partnerships, PMDP works to introduce innovative business models and improved practices to companies and institutions, in the process generating income and employment.

Intervention description

End-of-programme evaluation that looks at how PMDP's design, management and delivery affected specific target groups and their context. It identifies the elements that contributed to its overall performance and impact, and identifies key issues that must be considered in the design of similar programmes.

Evidence methodology

The evaluation tried to answer a series of questions from the five OECD-DAC criteria (relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability).

The main target groups were: beneficiaries (including grantee firms and business service providers); other stakeholders including DFID, the EU, the PA Ministry of National Economy and other donors. Each of these key stakeholders and the PMDP team contributed to the evaluation through individual or group meetings.