Published by
Agora Global
Ben Taylor

The incentive and capability scorecard is a tool to guide implementers in assessing the drivers and barriers to a given behaviour change on behalf of all the relevant actors that are required for an intervention to work. These actors include potential private sector partners, government, beneficiaries, and others.

The utility of the tool comes in helping programmes to develop the most appropriate intervention tactics (both specific intervention instruments and the soft skills with which these instruments are deployed) which are most likely to change that specific actor’s behaviour in the way required to make the intervention successful.

It also helps programmes to envisage, prior to intervention, where the instrument may need to be tweaked, or supplementary activities conducted, in relation to the broader market system. 

The tool is proprietary; please contact Ben Taylor for more details. 

Useful for:

A range of practitioners looking to engage with private sector players as well as public sector partners. It has been used widely in a range of contexts.