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SDC webinar

Why do some enterprise-support programmes make little to no meaningful difference, whereas others prove transformative in accelerating enterprise growth, employment gain, ability to raise capital and the expansion of enterprises delivering social and environmental goods?

SCALE - Select Charging Address Learning Example - refers to five fundamental considerations for business development service providers and funders to implement evidence-based practices that boost small business growth and job creation.

This SDC-hosted webinar showcases the impact of evidence-based approaches and provides examples of how funders and enterprise-support organisations have responded to the evidence to boost impact.

There are three presentations:

  • A summary of SCALE by Harry Devonshire, Argidius Foundation 
  • The story of Bpeace’s accelerating impact, by Alexandra Salas, Bpeace 
  • The story of Small Foundation’s integration of SCALE into the funding of rural MSME ecosystems, by Karina Wong, Small Foundation

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