Case study

Inspiring and influencing the young job seekers of Albania

Working with the mass media to improve educational and employment choices among young people in Albania

Gavin Anderson


for market systems approaches

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Helvetas Intercooperation and Partners Albania
Results level
Systemic change
Case study
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Intervention type
Improved value chain coordination

The RisiAlbania project was established to respond to the significant problem of youth unemployment in Albania. Almost one in three of young people
aged between 15 and 29 are unemployed. This is leading to increasing emigration from Albania with Albanians being the fifth largest nationality seeking
asylum in the European Union.

Intervention description

This case study explores a media intervention initiated under the RisiAlbania project. It took an innovative approach to improving information on youth employment by working to stimulate the launch and growth of profitable employment-oriented:

  • radio and TV programmes
  • print media supplements
  • online websites

Evidence methodology

The case study is based on evidence collected through:

  • project documents
  • reviews published in academic journals
  • online articles