Achieving changes in markets

The MDF framework for defining and populating pathways for systemic change

Harald Bekkers Mohammad Shahroz Jalil
Published by
Market Development Facility

Strategic guidance on defining and populating pathways for systemic change.

This case sets out a framework that allows the Market Development Facility (MDF) to better define systemic change, better manage and monitor progress towards achieving systemic change and better communicate how the sum of its partnership portfolio adds up to more than just income and job creation.

In developing this framework, MDF reviewed the literature on systemic change and the frameworks currently available. MDF then built on existing ideas to develop a framework that applies to MDF’s diverse countries and addresses key aspects of inclusive growth.. Examples from Fiji highlight the issues more practically.

MDF outlines a few systemic changes it aims to foster in each sector it targets. Each sector strategy explains how MDF plans to influence the market system towards a high degree of the defined systemic changes. The programme then describes those expected changes using six key parameters: autonomy, sustainability, resilience, inclusiveness, scale, and women's economic empowerment.