How can the M4P framework work for poor women and for poor men?

Discussion paper for an M4P WEE framework

Published by
Springfield Centre

This paper aims to initiate and support a process for developing recommendations and guidance for better addressing women’s economic empowerment in M4P projects and programmes. It includes a concept of an analytical framework for doing so. 

The paper first describes the M4P framework; follows with a review of gender and women’s economic empowerment literature and frameworks; presents an analysis of the M4P approach from a gendered perspective; and suggests ways that the M4P approach can tackle and provide evidence of women’s economic empowerment. 

The paper was the first in a series of activities, that formed part of a multi-donor (DFID, SDC, Sida) effort to strengthen the M4P framework, and to lead dialogue and consensus building on how to prioritise and operationalise women’s economic empowerment within the M4P framework. A subsequent M4P WEE framework was developed based on this paper.