Inclusive agribusiness alliance workshop, theme papers

Jim Woodhill Monika_Sopov Clare_Bishop Joost_Guijt Romy_Sato Mike Albu Anne Rappoldt Dan Zook
Published by
BEAM Exchange, Global Donor Platform for Rural Development, Seas of Change, Wageningen University

In March 2017, a workshop was convened on “Towards a Global Research and Learning Agenda for Inclusive Agribusiness." This report contains background papers written to trigger thinking on key dimensions of each themes, as well as what could be collective priorities. The themes include:

  • Enabling policy (Jim Woodhill)
  • Inclusive business models (Anne Rappoldt and Monika Sopov, CDI)
  • Access to finance (Dan Zook and Matt Shakhovskoy, GDI)
  • Multi-stakeholder collaboration (Anne Rappoldt and Joost Guijt, CDI)
  • Beyond women’s economic empowerment (Clare Bishop and Romy Sato, Global Donor Platform)
  • Systemic approaches to scale and sustainability (Mike Albu, BEAM Exchange)