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Main implementer
Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation
Other implementers
Management Development Associates
2013 - 2016
Total budget
US $ 7.2 million
Annual budget
US $ 1.8 million avg

Project description / objective

Facilitate the transition of young women and men from education to employment.

Market systems and interventions


  • Support universities to establish industrial boards in all academic units and to meet the private sector needs
  • Support vocational education and training (VET) schools to engage with the private sector
  • Support the Ministry of Education to establish a higher education management information system
  • Strengthen capacity of VETs for provision of more and better career guidance services
  • Support municipalities in establishing/improving career guidance services for VET students
  • Facilitate access to advanced training to enable youth to get better skills, and therefore better job opportunities  

Job matching services

  • Support private job matching service providers (JMSP) to develop sustainable business models (business planning and product development)
  • Build capacity of private job matching service providers (JMSP) to provide value added services
  • Improve performance of public employment services (PES)
  • Facilitate partnerships between public and non-public employment services 
  • Strengthen capacity of higher education providers (HEP) for provision of more and better career guidance services
  • Pilot development of sustainable business models for career guidance centres of public and private HEPs 
  • Institutionalise the occupation of career counsellors

Business support services

  • Increase awareness among lead firms on the benefits of investing in business services 
  • Increase range and type of business services to firms in targeted sectors
  • Support a group of new, growing companies establish an "association of providers of outsourcing services"
  • Increase awareness among stakeholders of exporting services by addressing barriers to entry


  • Introduce commercial TV programmes that tackle youth employment issues
  • Capacity building of journalists in coverage of youth employment/labour market issues
  • Expand the coverage of youth employment issues in other media (web, radio, and print)


  • 1,600 jobs created as a result of investments facilitated by the project
  • 5,000 young women and men have better skills
  • 32,000 job vacancies advertised through formal job matching services
  • 33,000 young women and men benefited from career guidance services
  • 10 academic programmes have been accredited; 580 students enrolled
  • 10 education providers with effective systems for students’ placement in private sector 
  • CHF 3 million private sector investment leveraged by project interventions in targeted subsectors (ICT, Agro, Retail)
  • 120 young growing companies facilitated by the project.

[Updated February 2016]