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Enhancing Nigerian Advocacy for a Better Business Environment (ENABLE2)
Results level
Systemic change
Case study
Data source
Intervention type
Improved value chain coordination

NASSBER is a partnership between the National Assembly, the private sector and the legal profession in Nigeria.

It has been supported by the ENABLE2 programme to facilitate the prioritisation and passing of critically important legislative Acts and Amendments. 

This case study focuses on what NASSBER is, how it works and what it has achieved.

When ENABLE (Enhancing Nigerian Advocacy for a Better Business Environment) first started, the principal economic challenges facing Nigeria were summarised as:

  • Structural economic transformation – incentivising investment and growth in sectors beyond oil and gas
  • Accelerating the passing of key legislation – overcoming ‘trust’ and ‘quality’ problems impeding the legislative process
  • Widening the benefits of reform - through ensuring access and benefits to smaller businesses and poorer Nigerians

Intervention description

The key theme of ENABLE’s work is to improve the business relations with the state. The case study gives an insight into the effectiveness of the roundtable discussions to the business environment of the country.

Evidence methodology

The case study uses data from:

  • secondary sources
  • programme partner information from key stakeholders
  • data generated from the programme's internal results measurement system