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Commercial activities to expand financial services: women

Australia Indonesia Partnership for Promoting Rural Income through Strengthening Agricultural Rural Finance in Rural Areas (SAFIRA)


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Improved access to finance

Strengthening Agricultural Rural Finance in Rural Areas (SAFIRA) is an agricultural value chain finance (VCF) programme. It aims to increase on-farm productivity and reduce poverty by facilitating access to finance for female and male farmers.

VCF is one way to scale-up cost effective, appropriate and sustainable lending to smallholder farmers without increasing transaction costs.

SAFIRA works in East Java, West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara and Papua.

The Australia-Indonesia Partnership (AIP-Rural) aims to increase the agricultural incomes of smallholder farmers by stimulating greater private and public sector investments that create better access for farmers to inputs and markets. It operates in five provinces of Indonesia and includes four component projects. SAFIRA is one of these projects.

Intervention description

SAFIRA partners with financial institutions, financial consultants, agri-businesses and farmers' groups to increase farmers’ incomes.

This report highlights the characteristics of female (micro) finance borrowers with their correlation to the Indonesian market.

It suggests key features of suitable gender-sensitive financial products from financial institutes and agribusinesses.

Evidence methodology

This report relies on:

  • secondary research
  • programme documents