Impact of COVID-19: sectoral heat map for Bangladesh

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Innovision Consulting

Development of a framework, using a market systems perspective, to understand the comparative impact of COVID-19 on different sectors.

This, timebound, sectoral heat map aims to help policy makers, development partners, private sector, NGOs and researchers to compare the impact of COVID-19 on the key economic sectors of Bangladesh. This, in turn, can be used to define the focus for interventions to support the economic recovery of Bangladesh. 

The economic and social impact is assessed against five indicators:

  • Demand
  • Employment
  • Backward linkage
  • Forward linkage
  • Support system

The adequacy, effectiveness and inclusiveness of the COVID 19 impact mitigation measures are then reviewed against five indicators:

  1. Government support
  2. Engagement of trade bodies
  3. Pledged support from development partners
  4. Current/ ongoing support from development partners
  5. Inclusivity of the measures