Disruptive technologies for private sector development in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

March 201936 pages Democratic Republic of Congo Africa: East, South & Central Download as PDF (669.4 KB) Research summary paper
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Decision Support Unit (DSU)

Insight into how new technologies should be promoted to support development of the private sector in the DRC.

This paper discusses why technologies cannot be copied and pasted from one context into another. It looks at:

  • what the literature says about technological change and the use of disruptive technologies in supporting private sector development
  • in what circumstances support for technological change and the use of disruptive technologies has achieved an improved business environment and enhanced private sector development
  • what other factors beyond the technologies themselves need to be taken into account when aiming to promote technologies to facilitate the private sector

This is a ‘rapid assessment’ research study was undertaken for the DFID DRC private sector development programme.