Making the case for MSD #2: ALCP 'Healthy herds'

Transforming veterinary services for women and men smallholder farmers in post-Soviet Georgia

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Quickly communicate the nuts and bolts of the MSD approach to a wide range of audiences. This is one of a series of short slide presentations for MSD advocates. Each slide deck (made up of six slides) is accompanied by speaker notes explaining the case in just enough detail for a five minute presentation.

Case #2 describes how the Alliances Caucasus Programme (ALCP) enabled more than 400,000 smallholder farmers to step up livestock production in Georgia between 2011 and 2017.

ALCP transformed veterinary services in remote areas of post-Soviet Georgia. The programme illustrates the relevance of MSD in markets undergoing economic transition.

  • It involved investments and innovations in distribution of livestock health inputs, services and access to critical information from mini-pharmacies, driven by engagement with a leading veterinary input manufacturer and importer.
  • These changes were taken up at such a large scale that access to quality veterinary inputs and good advice about how to use them has become the ‘new normal’ for livestock farmers in Georgia and increasingly across other parts of the southern Caucasus region (Armenia, Azerbaijan) and Turkmenistan.

ALCP is currently in Phase 3 (2017-2021)

Making the case for MSD

The BEAM Exchange’s Making the case for MSD series provides ready-to-go presentations and accompanying notes. They are designed to increase awareness and understanding of what programmes that use the MSD approach look like in practice, their ambition and results.