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The story of MSD: achieving sustainable development at scale

Twelve examples of market systems development from four continents

January 202083 pages Afghanistan Bangladesh Democratic Republic of Congo Georgia Kenya Nigeria Pakistan Vanuatu Zambia Agriculture Education Energy Financial services Health & Social services Infrastructure Manufacturing Download as PDF (1.1 MB)
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BEAM Exchange

The purpose of this publication is to communicate the results, versatility and implications of the MSD approach to a wide audience with a minimum of jargon.

Practical experience in the last fifteen years shows that by harnessing the energy, resources and skills of the private sector, the market systems development (MSD) approach can contribute to sustained poverty reduction at scale.

The twelve cases highlighted here demonstrate that the MSD approach can be excellent value for money, with the economic benefits greatly surpassing the cost of initial investments. They also show that by changing prevalent business models and pioneering new ones, the MSD approach can achieve lasting, transformational improvements to how markets work for people living in poverty.