Applying an environment and climate change lens to an MSD programme: insights from RECONOMY

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BEAM Grab the Mic webinar

Date: 12th December 2022

From HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation:
Anastasia Bekish, RECONOMY Environment & Climate Change Manager
Zenebe Uraguchi, RECONOMY Programme Manager, the Eastern Partnership & Western Balkan regions

RECONOMY is an inclusive and green economic MSD programme working in the Western Balkans and Eastern Europe. 

This webinar provided insights from RECONOMY’s efforts, and the challenges faced, in applying an environment and climate change lens at all stages of programme development - from sector selection to programme design and implementation.

It explored: 

  • the impacts and cascading risks of climate change and environmental degradation on inclusive economic growth
  • what we mean by ‘net-zero’ and climate-resilient development pathways and how to translate these strategies into the possible objectives – programmatic and operational – of integrating environment and climate change within MSD programmes 

RECONOMY’s South Caucasus pilot green energy project, covering energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies in the built environment, was showcased, focusing on how to accelerate green transition processes in the region whilst:

  • understanding the complex enabling factors for inclusive and green economic development in the construction and building renovation industry
  • achieving the double-dividend - environmental and economic benefits - of creating better income and employment opportunities for disadvantaged groups 

This included exploring the construction sector’s regulatory environment, social rules and norms, and behaviour; business services - such as access to finance and modern technologies; and competencies within the market system.

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