The road to jobs during a protracted crisis

BEAM Grab the Mic webinar

Date: 17th June, 2021

Tonderai Manoto,  R2J Project Manager
Jan Mohammad Dosti, ILO, Afghanistan
Zakia Samimi, Head of SIYB, Afghanistan

Developing market systems to promote livelihoods and decent work in fragile contexts – lessons from Afghanistan 

This webinar showcased two success stories from the Road to Jobs programme (R2J) in Afghanistan on how the MSD approach can be used, and adapted, in fragile contexts to contribute to sustainable businesses and decent jobs.

Case studies:

  • Women’s economic empowerment – developing decent work conditions for the women-centred carpet industry
  • Thin markets and the development of entrepreneurship and a resilient BDS ecosystem

The importance of safeguarding and developing markets is increasingly recognised, not least within the triple nexus of humanitarian, development and peace-building work. Livelihoods and decent employment depend on functioning and inclusive agricultural, product and service markets which tend to be weak in fragile contexts. The R2J programme addressed unemployment by demonstrating scalable job-creation business models.

The webinar addressed:

  • how the programme developed markets and what it achieved
  • the key challenges to market development in this fragile conflict context
  • how the programme collaborated with humanitarian organisations and responded to COVID-19
  • the relevance of MSD in fragile and conflict-affected contexts

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