Adapting MSD programmes in response to COVID-19

BEAM Grab the Mic webinar

Date: 26th May, 2020

Debora Randall, NU-TEC, DFID
Collins Apuoyo, IAMA, USAID 
Warwick Thomson, Independent consultant

A practical look at three programmes in Uganda and how they are adapting their MSD programmes in response to COVID-19.

The speakers focused on how their programmes are working to maintain food supply, protect livelihoods and ensure key companies within the agriculture sector survive so they can continue sourcing from and selling to farmers both over the short and longer-term.

Uganda is currently experiencing a total lockdown - zero movement allowed. The government estimates a 40 per cent decrease in exports and a 44 per cent decrease in imports up to the end of June 2020. It estimates an additional 780,000 people could fall into poverty with up to an additional 2.6 million people in a worst-case scenario.

During this crisis agriculture production, transport and trade need to continue in order to ensure the flow of food supply chains, to maintain rural livelihoods and protect food prices.

Market system programmes can play a critical role in the adaptation that needs to take place. The impact won’t be short-term – the pandemic is expected to effect economies for some time.

Watch the webinar: