Making markets work for refugees

BEAM Grab the Mic webinar

Date: 06 February 2018


Debora Randall, Swisscontact
What is the case for market systems for refugees and IDPs?
Collins Apuoyo, Palladium
NU-TEC MD in Northern Uganda
Peter Douglas, Palladium
Propcom Mai-Karfi - market recovery in Northern Nigeria
Ailsa Buckley, Swisscontact
Northern Kenya - Skills for Life

Sharing ideas around the feasibility of market-based approaches for labour inclusion and livelihood resilience.

This webinar targeted practitioners working with displaced people and host communities.

Whilst humanitarian responses in conflict or crises address the short-term acute needs of displaced people and host community populations, over the long-term they invariably damage markets and the economic recovery of the affected region.

The private sector is critical in responding to the crises but we need to better understand how to make markets work for displaced people alongside host communities. The solution is to use market- based approaches to explore and evaluate how to better address the needs and opportunities of displaced people and refugees.

The speakers explored how markets can be leveraged so that refugees and host communities can build their livelihoods. Mike Albu, Director of the BEAM Exchange, moderates the discussion.

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